“Highway Blues” hits the road

Another “sad to be leaving town” song. Features excellent lyrics and lead vocal by Robin. Nice overdrive on the guitar solos with just the right amount of Mellotron orchestration. A tight bottom end rhythm drives this song down the road.

“Black Lightning” – a tribute to Jimi Hendrix

Magik Dayze were huge fans on Hendrix and played a version of Purple Haze and Foxey Lady in their show. It’s only natural that Robin would write a tribute song to the life of Jimi. Ironically, Robin wrote and played this song on a black Les Paul and only later added a Strat to his arsenal. Black Lightning features Doug on vocals and no Charles. Actually, this song was written when the band was between keyboard players and performed for a short time as a trio.

“Hollywood” is the song of the day

Written by Mike, Hollywood was arranged by the band as all of Magik Dayze’s songs were. Robin provides some great chord comping and lead work on this tune. Doug and Mike play a solid rhythm section and Charles adds some very tasty Mellotron and synth work. The bass on this track is a 1965 pawn shop Fender Precision that was purchased in Indianapolis – home of the “Waffle House”. It was rehabbed by Murphy-Shaw in Kalamazoo with new frets, a new clear coat on the neck, DiMarzio pickup and Badass bass bridge.