(L-R) Doug Bonnell – drums and vocals, Charles Thaxton – synths, B-3, Mellotron and vocals, Michael DiMattio – bass, Taurus pedal, guitar and vocals, Robin Evans – guitars, piano and vocals

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  1. Hello.
    Tell me the right order of the “Magik Dayze ” album,please.

    Side A ….1….2….

    Side B…..1…..2……



    1. This is the order on the vinyl LP:

      Nobody Can Stop Me Now
      Black Lightning
      Leavin’ Ain’t So Easy
      Mean Metal Men 

      Hollywood (You Are The Master of Your Own Soul)
      Highway Blues
      Red Honey
      To the Stars

      The order was changed on the CD

  2. Magik Dayze was the greatest band that played at the White House in Niles Michigan. I could not wait to see these guys and talk to Robin and the rest of the band. These guys are incredible musicians, super nice friendly people and were way ahead of their time and covered some of the greatest bands and songs of all time. Eveything from Jeff Beck to Genesis to Gil Scott-Heron. Robin’s vocals were incredibly bold and haunting when they played Winter in America. I’d never heard of the Gil Scott-Heron, found the song and Magik Dayze version blew theirs away. They played Genesis tunes like Los Endos (Wow!) (the Mellotron was killer), then came back with Who’s that Lady by the Isley Brothers. I saw them one time and they played Freeway Jam by Jeff Beck off of Blow by Blow. The next time they played the live version off of the Jan Hammer Group album. Magik Dayze should be a household name. I have seen Led Zepplin with Bonham. The Who with Kieth Moon, Yes, Genesis, Jeff Beck, Frank Zappa, Styx, Roxy Music, Rush, the list goes on and on and I’m telling you in the live intimate setting of the White House an A concert club in Niles, MI, these guys brought the house down everytime they came and it was standing room only. Some not familiar with Magik Dayze the way I was so lucky to have been, may be thinking I’m exaggerating, but I’m not. I’m a drummer who has extensive recording experience on a local level, played clubs and a few opening gigs for Head East, Off Broadway, Ruby Starr and some others.

    I would love to see Magik Dayze again sometime. Thanks Robin and group for the wonderful memories.


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