Magik Dayze Group Photos

Recording at Uncle Dirty’s Sound Machine Studios

  • Charlie Wicks, Captain of the Universe and founder of the Sound Factory and ProCo Sound
  • Bryce Roberson behind the console
  • The boys in the band
Charlie Wicks, Captain of the Universe
Bryce Roberson
Bryce Roberson
Doug, Joe, Robin, Mike
Charles, Doug, Joe
Charles behind the keys.
The Magik Dayze 1978 master tape

Charlie Wicks, Captain of the Universe

Magik Dayze Band Reunion 2012 Under The Big Top

California 1979 – 1981

Mike On Stage ca.1980
Charles and Joe Chillin"
Mike On Stage With Kramer 650B ca.1980
Mike & Joe Near Mt. Baldy ca. 1980
Mike In Studio ca.1980

Robin Evans

Doug Bonnell

Michael DiMattio

Charles Thaxton


4 Replies to “Photos”

  1. Looking for the master 2 inch tape ? Do you know where any of his old reels might have gone? We recorded their in 1979 as The Band of Fools. We heard Brice would re-use tape for other sessions?

  2. Hello is there anyway I can get a hold of Bryce have some questions of some of his late 70’s early 80’s music

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