Magik Dayze Featured On FB And Youtube Pomp Rock Channel

A recent CD purchase came from that posting. Here’s what the buyer had to say.

“Looking forward to hearing the album very much. I heard of your music through a FB group called Pomp Rock where pomp rock fans discuss bands from the pomp rock fraternity down the decades. One of my musical acquaintances Willy V. who is a huge pomp rock fan posts in the group and your band featured last week – he uploads a few tracks on his “aorpompy” YouTube page – so I heard one of your tracks there and really liked what I heard and read about you – it can be really tough to track/find out about stuff so I’m glad he posted your band! 


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  1. So sorry to hear about Charles, I got so excited about finding you guys I wasn’t paying enough attention. I hope everyone else is safe and healthy. 🙂

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