Magik Dayze signed LP sells at auction for $500

Magik Dayze RARE Private Ohio Hard Rock/AOR LP Acid Archives US SALES ONLY

Sold Date: October 8, 2023
Start Date: October 1, 2023
Final Price: $500.00 (USD)
Bid Count: 24
Seller Feedback: 2518
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Vinyl Condition: EX; OG gloss; Light wear on labels; Side 2 has two small, light marks, which do not affect play Jacket Condition: VG+; Glossy white jacket has paste on cover, which has a few wrinkles in it and it is FULLY Autographed in Black Ink, with an inscription upper left; I suspect these are authentic autographs, but cannot guarantee their authenticity; Study scans to see how cover looks; Plain white back has some wear; Includes what is most likely the OG inner sleeve from Lazarus, Columbus Ohio’s legendary department store; inner is VG+ PLEASE NOTE: I SELL ONLY TO BIDDERS LOCATED IN THE UNITED STATES.   My PayPal account will not accept payments from overseas buyers, and any bids from outside of the US will be cancelled. 
Payment is due within seven days of auction end. At that point an Unpaid Item Case automatically opens. 
All grading is visual (Vinyl/Jacket) unless otherwise noted.

Progressive Review posts review of Magik Dayze 1978

For the longest time I wanted to post these guys.  I’ve loved them so much for years.

Without a doubt the most underrated hard rock band I’ve ever come across, even more underrated than Baby Grand or Ambush, or the earlier West Coast / Southern band Sand I posted long ago–I don’t understand for the life of me how a group who made such stunning music, as good as any big FM star such as Styx or Foreigner or Journey who made it huge back in the day and got all those thousands of young groupies in their beds (ouch, ‘metoo’ would not like that comment much) could be so utterly forgotten.  If you know them already hopefully you’ll agree they are horribly underrated.

I’ll start by introducing you, if you never heard them before, to their big, mega-hit, number one on the charts (remember Billboard??) — haha, as if– called Highway Blues, which I’ve sung so many times in the car on the highway to work.

First of all, the major diatonic approach to the rhythm guitar is just gorgeous, I guess borrowing from a  West Coast kind of style, with a relatively standard chord change that moves up to the II minor, V7, but the chorus with the backup vocals just kills me in combination with the lyrics, possibly because of the way it reminds me so vividly of those ‘road trip’ experiences.

Then consider the ‘homage’ to Jimi Hendrix called Black Lightning, and dig how well the guitarist plays those Hendrickian licks.

Note that the band throws in some mellotron here and there, like Aerosmith did, adding a great deal of textural interest.

In terms of the history and info, note that in 1978 they released this LP as private pressed, stopping at eight tracks.  This constitutes the first songs on the folder below. Luckily for us, they then put out another wonderfully composed and produced 8 tracks making up an entire second album’s worth of material to listen to which was dumped onto a CD not (yet) databased on discogs.  

Subsequently I found out the band sells more music online, here, where they describe themselves as the greatest unknown rock band of all time— and without a doubt I have to agree.

Really amazing.

Magik Dayze Featured On FB And Youtube Pomp Rock Channel

A recent CD purchase came from that posting. Here’s what the buyer had to say.

“Looking forward to hearing the album very much. I heard of your music through a FB group called Pomp Rock where pomp rock fans discuss bands from the pomp rock fraternity down the decades. One of my musical acquaintances Willy V. who is a huge pomp rock fan posts in the group and your band featured last week – he uploads a few tracks on his “aorpompy” YouTube page – so I heard one of your tracks there and really liked what I heard and read about you – it can be really tough to track/find out about stuff so I’m glad he posted your band! 


YouTube video added to Magik Dayze playlist

The freshly remastered version of For The Ones We Love is now available on Youtube.

This tune was a collaboration between Mike and Robin. A great thing about the Dayze is that we would try anything that anyone brought in. I (Mike) played a line that I was working on and we jammed with it at practice. Robin said he had a riff that would work with my bit, and we put the two parts together to create this song. Some tasty playing by the Magik boyz.

Magik Dayze Keyboardist, Charles Thaxton, aka Char-el, Dead At 66

Charles L. Thaxton Jr. (aka Char-El), 66, of Cambria, California, formerly of Fostoria, Ohio, passed away Tuesday March 19th, 2019. Charles was born June 18, 1952 to the late Charles L. and Lillian Thaxton of Fostoria, Ohio. He graduated Fostoria High School in 1970 and married his beloved Stefani June Thaxton on February 27, 2019. A lover of complex musical compositions, Charles began playing the keyboards in high school and in 1969, began to perform with numerous Ohio-area rock bands including Stargate, Magik Dayze, and Dayz’d Past. Continue reading “Magik Dayze Keyboardist, Charles Thaxton, aka Char-el, Dead At 66”