Russian Pirates Steal The Music Of The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Magik Dayze And More


Multiple Russian and Ukraine based “free” music download sites offer music to stream or download with no royalties paid to the artists.

I googled “Magik Dayze” and was shocked to find the complete album, 1978, plus additional Magik Dayze bootleg tracks on various sites located in Russia, Ukraine, Greece and Japan. Some of the sites charge money to download the pirated music while most stream and download for free. The amount of music there is quite extensive.

The site has this to say.

“MusicMobi – contemporary music portal covering the “indecent” complete collection of music of various genres. Here you can listen to the songs and download music to your computer for free. All songs are presented on the site, carefully sorted by artist and album. We offer high-quality music mp3-format wide variety of styles, genres and styles. In order to listen to songs for free online mode, you just need to use the convenient search filter and select the desired track, album, or a genre. We can listen and download new songs without restrictions. There is no limit on the number of downloadable music. Moreover, you do not even need to register!”

So much for international copyrights.

MusicMobi is a new site but is growing quickly in popularity according to

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Please help artists by buying music only through legitimate outlets.

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