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Katherine Drive

All tracks have been cleanly re-mixed and re-mastered from the original reel-to-reel tape.

Recorded at Katherine Drive, Huntington Beach, CA.

Robin Evans – guitars and vocals
Doug Bonnell – drums and vocals
Charles Thaxton – synths, B-3, Mellotron and vocals
Michael DiMattio – bass, Taurus pedal, guitar and vocals
James Brian Davis (James Robert Davis) – vocals

Look up James on iTunes.

Engineer – Joe Orians

Mix and Master at original session – Joe Orians, Magik Dayze
Cover Art – Michael DiMattio
Digitized and remixed for CD – Michael DiMattio, Hot Springs Studio

Taking My Place3:04.79BUY

Magik Dayze

A limited edition CD is now available. All tracks have been cleanly re-mastered from a backup copy of the master reel-to-reel tape.

Recorded at Uncle Dirty’s Sound Machine Studios, Kalamazoo, Mich.

Engineer – Bryce Roberson
Mix and Master for vinyl – Bryce Roberson and Joe Orians
Cover Art – Steve Hough
Digitized for CD – Michael DiMattio, Hot Springs Studio

Mean Metal Men7:26.99BUY
To the Stars6:35.99BUY
Leavin’ Ain’t So Easy4:52.99BUY
Hollywood (You Are The Master of Your Own Soul)4:24.99BUY
Highway Blues3:44.99BUY
Nobody Can Stop Me Now3:10.99BUY
Black Lightning2:55.99BUY
Red Honey3:51.99BUY

The “Lost Tracks” – these songs didn’t make it onto the vinyl LP due to lack of space. The maximum track time on a 33⅓ rpm LP is 50 minutes (25 minutes per side).

Love is the Key2:55.99BUY
Sea Me Home5:56.99BUY