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Katherine Drive

All tracks have been cleanly re-mixed and re-mastered from the original reel-to-reel tape.

Recorded at Katherine Drive, Huntington Beach, CA.

Robin Evans – guitars and vocals
Doug Bonnell – drums and vocals
Charles Thaxton – synths, B-3, Mellotron and vocals
Michael DiMattio – bass, Taurus pedal, guitar and vocals
James Brian Davis – vocals

Engineer – Joe Orians
Mix and Master at original session – Joe Orians, Magik Dayze
Cover Art – Michael DiMattio
Digitized and remixed for CD – Michael DiMattio, Hot Springs Studio

Taking My Place 3:04 .79 BUY

Magik Dayze

A limited edition CD is now available. All tracks have been cleanly re-mastered from a backup copy of the master reel-to-reel tape.

Recorded at Uncle Dirty’s Sound Machine Studios, Kalamazoo, Mich.

Engineer – Bryce Roberson
Mix and Master for vinyl – Bryce Roberson and Joe Orians
Cover Art – Steve Hough
Digitized for CD – Michael DiMattio, Hot Springs Studio

Mean Metal Men 7:26 .99 BUY
To the Stars 6:35 .99 BUY
Leavin’ Ain’t So Easy 4:52 .99 BUY
Hollywood (You Are The Master of Your Own Soul) 4:24 .99 BUY
Highway Blues 3:44 .99 BUY
Nobody Can Stop Me Now 3:10 .99 BUY
Black Lightning 2:55 .99 BUY
Red Honey 3:51 .99 BUY

The “Lost Tracks” – these songs didn’t make it onto the vinyl LP due to lack of space. The maximum track time on a 33⅓ rpm LP is 50 minutes (25 minutes per side).

Love is the Key 2:55 .99 BUY
Lucy 4:41 .99 BUY
Sea Me Home 5:56 .99 BUY


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  1. i don’t like the tool, i have ADD, i move my finger around my board and the music stop playing. haha!!! can you use another player?

  2. What was the name of the album you guys cut in Irvine, Ca? Several great songs, one of them was, ” I want to give you everything.” Highway Blues” was on that LP as well. It was when you guys lived in HB, CA.

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